Free interview series: Shift It! 15 Minute Miracles Tips from the Masters

Host: Kate Crow
Date: from 1 December 2016
Cost: FREE

This is a free interview series organized by Kate Crow. With these short interviews, we might be learning how we can be happier and powerful in our life. 

As it's only 15 minutes, so I think it's worth to spend this little time every day to listen to interview and we might get inspired and learn something great. The event actually started in 1 December 2016, but we can still sign up the event as there will still be a one-week replay period on 30 December. 

If you are interested in the event, sign up here: Shift It! 

这个访谈系列是由Kate Crow主持的。每个访谈只是短短的15分钟。访谈者会谈到让他们改变一生的事情,可能会让我们从中得到启发或学习。


有兴趣的话,可以去这里看看:Shift It! 

Image source: Shift It! 



My first Tabby Cat

I just downloaded and installed this Tabby Cat extension to my Chrome browser. I did not intend to get an extension which is actually not helping me to do my work with my browser, but I decided to get this because it's a cat!

My little girl likes cat, so I am thinking she might be surprised when she sees me opening new tab, though I may just uninstall this some time later. It's nice to look at the little cute cat.

This Caramel Macaroni is the first Tabby Cat appeared in my browser, with the little magic wand.

You can get the extension here: Tabby Cat

Start writing at Niume

As there are still many issues with TinyCent, especially uncertainty of getting paid, some of my friends recommended Niume, another get paid to blog site.

How we can make money?

1) We earn money by writing blog posts. We do not get paid by each post we submitted, but by the amount of views on our posts.
The pay rate is 1000 views for USD$1.

2) We can also earn through referrals. For each referral, we will get to earn $1

You can read more about this here: FAQ - Revenues

What is the minimum payout:

USD$10 via PayPal

Requirements for blog post:

* Minimum 5 lines of text
* Original content
* Written in English

You can read more about this here: content guidelines

My Experience:

  • I have made $2 for 10 posts after joining for 4 days so far. I am very happy with this. 
  • I like this type of earning, as I like writing and also it can create some passive income too. As we have shared our posts on social media sites, there might always be people reading our posts and hence we will always make some money.

You can read my first post here: How to write the first post at Niume?

If you are interested, I would be happy if you can be my referral: Sign up at Niume. Thanks! ^_^

Ups and downs at TinyCent (在 TinyCent的高低起伏 )

I have been writing hard at TinyCent previously. In this two month time, we have experienced many ups and downs TinyCent.

1. I read about TinyCent but did not find interest in it as the web design did not attract me, and the site did not seem easy to navigate. Moreover, it is a site that we can earn by views, I was doubt if I can get many readers to my posts.

2. A few online friends recommended this site, so I decided to give it a try with my first post - Dare to try something new?

3. Some members were paid by the site, giving us more confidence to write there. It is always important to find out if the site is legit and paying. Moreover, I learned how to gain more views by sharing my posts at Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and other social media sites, and I can write there freely as how I did at Bubblews, so I started to enjoy writing there.

4. After some time, I have earned $5 which is the first payout requirement. Some members have been paid by direct bank transfer in India (The founder is based in India) and Amazon gift card, they have not pay via PayPal yet and I would like to get my payment via PayPal. I am not sure if I would be paid via PayPal.

5. I am glad just after a few day from my first redemption, TinyCent has solved the issue with PayPal and I have got my first payment! Though at the same time I found that the pay rate was decreased, from 1 cent per view to 0.5 cent per view, I decided to still give it a try.

6. After some time, I have made my second redemption which is USD$15. The site was getting better, the owner was active in updating us about the site and making some enhancement too. It looked positive!

7. It took a while to receive the 2nd payment. While waiting for it, I have already reached USD$30 and I requested for my third payment.

8. It's sad to tell that I have not receive my third payment yet, and some issues started to pop up since then.
- Many members have not receive payment
- There are more popup ads which are quite disturbing as the owner is trying to find more ways to bring in more revenue
- The owner rarely updates us with what's going on
- Sometimes the post content does not show up

Should I continue to write at TinyCent? The owner responded to my post and said he will fix these issues. So, let's wait and see how it goes. But it seems like there is still no change since then.

9. I am still earning a little from my previous posts and I am still writing a post a day. I am still hoping the owner has found his ways to solve all the issues and bring back the site. Let's hope and wait.

Is there anyone working at TinyCent too?



2。有几个网上朋友推荐这个网站,他们觉得不错。想,既然只是200字的文章,我应该还可以胜任。而且,第一次提款是USD$5,应该可以尝试看看吧。就这样,我加入了TinyCent,写了第一篇文章:Dare to try something new?

3。有些人收到钱了,可以证明这个网站会付钱,所以就比较积极去写文章了。最重要的是,在那里可以随心所欲地写,没太多局限,比较自由地写,蛮像以前在Bubblews写文章那样的。而且,开始尝试在Twitter, Google+,Tumblr等分享文章,也得到了一些读者的浏览。

4。写了一段时间,累积了$5。只是,到那个时候为止,其他人都是通过在印度银行直接转帐的(网站的创办者在印度),也有人收到Amazon Gift Card, 可是还没有人通过PayPal收到钱。我只想把钱转入PayPal。只是,在不确定TinyCent会否通过PayPal付钱,我又把它搁置在一旁,就耐心等待。

5。还好,才几天的时间,TinyCent就处理好PayPal的问题,我也通过PayPal收到钱了。只是,这个时候发现pay rate per view降低了,从本来1 cent per view,变成0.5 cent per view。那我还能继续赚吗?再试试吧,因为看起来创办者蛮有心的,而且也有朋友的推荐。


7。写着写着,在等到收到第二次的提款之后,第三次提款。这一次提USD$30, 因为要等到收到之前的提款才再去申请提款,所以就累积到USD$30了。

- 没收到钱
- 网页多了许多popup ads
- 创办者没有更新消息
- 有时候浏览不到文章



{What went well this week} 2016 October Week 2

I received the newsletter from Songbird & Bear, and the subject of the newsletter is "What went well?" Jen, from Songbird & Bear asked us to think back and identify something that made us happy in this week, and ask ourselves what we did to make that happen.

I agree that these are two good questions to ask ourselves, and it helps us to find out how we actually want our life to be.

I am grateful for many things that happened in this week, especially learning a lot from the Mom Conference and how my elder children being very helpful with taking care of the baby brother and I managed to handle three of them on my own. The biggest happiness I have gained throughout the week was that I have spent some good time with my elder children.

Well, it does not mean I did not spend good time with them normally, it's just that I did not feel I was present with them, as I was thinking about the baby, my work sometimes. I did have the special time Dr Laura Markham mentioned in the Mom Conference and I found that's really effective. That is really a good way to re-build the connection, and the kids love it too. Moreover, I spent more time with the children, including the baby outside, in the front yard and in the park as well (besides our usual evening park time). It makes some difference while only four of us together and when we are outside. I guess it's this outdoor time and special time made the connection and made me feel the presence as well.

As my baby is growing older now (4.5 months old), he does not sleep as much as he used to be and we will have more time together with the two elder children.

{Find of the Day} 2016-10-15

Free Holiday Planner 2016

Living Well Spending Less is offering this holiday planner for free, for limited time only.

I just downloaded this holiday planner. It looks so beautiful and it is helpful for those who plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Though I am not celebrating these days, it gives me an idea on how to plan as well.

You can download the free planner here: Holiday Planner

Free podcasts about parenting: Atomic Moms

I just bumped into this website, and I think this looks or sounds great! I am interested in those podcasts the host, Ellie Knaus is having. I am planning to take some time to listen to these podcasts.

You can visit the podcasts here: Atomic Moms

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