Free event: Peaceful Homes & Classrooms (No Spank Challenge)

Date: 10 - 28 April 2017Cost: Free

Parenting Beyond Punishment is having the 4th annual No Spank Challenge again, and this year, the focus is on peaceful homes & classrooms.

Let's stop discipline our kids and start connecting with them!

Find out more information here: Peaceful Homes & Classrooms

You can also read and support my writing at LiteracyBase: Join No Spank Challenge to have Peaceful Homes & Classrooms

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Butter - 160g
Cake Flour - 140 g
Caster Sugar - 140g (我改成80g)
Baking Powder - 1/3 teaspoon
2 eggs
180c - 30-40 minutes

1. 面粉 + 泡打粉 - 过筛
2. 奶油 + 糖 (糖分两次加入) - 用打蛋器搅拌
3. 加入蛋 (分两次加入) - 用打蛋器搅拌
4. 加入粉 (分两次加入)- 用刀搅拌
5. 烤!


这次做得还可以吧,至少像蛋糕。呵~~ 只是我觉得很甜。我比较喜欢第二个做法,下次得再把糖的分量再减一些。希望不会影响蛋糕的质感。^_^

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

I haven't been baking cakes for quite some time, as I have never successfully baked an edible cake.
My eldest son suggested to make Saturday breakfast as cake, so here we tried again.

We made two batches, and both tasted quite okay though I prefer the second batch which we used a different recipe.

I am surely going to challenge myself to bake again next week. Thanks to my son for the wonderful suggestion, so I can improve myself and everyone has cakes to eat! :D

Get the Gut Health Super Bundle! - 2 more days left!

I have been watching "The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest" these few days, and realized that I really need to take good care of my health. Then I remember this super bundle below:

Started from 22 March 2017, Ultimate Bundles is having this bundle sale - Gut Health Super Bundle, which I am sure we will gain a lot of benefits from it, not only we can get more with lower price, and also we will learn a lot to keep us healthy.

The price is only $29.97, and you will get more than $695 worth of resources, which is more than 93% off! This comprehensive bundle includes 16 eBooks, 5 eCourses, 3 Videos and Heal Your Gut Summit. Hundreds of recipes are included too!

There is a 30-day happiness guarantee coming with this bundle. After you have purchased the bundle and don't feel it is right for you, you can simply email the customer service team within 30 days to receive a full refund. Isn't it a great deal for you?

You can learn more about the bundle or get your bundle here:

P.S: The Gut Health Super Bundle disappears on 27 March 2017 (Monday) at 11:59PM EST, so check it out now!

#2:Write down 2017 goals

I commit to take the 21 Day End Paralysis Challenge by Mayi Carles.

Review of previous day:

I reviewed and even rewrote the notes I attended the two webinars:

Besides these two, I also found another goal setting guide from Mayi Carles - Bullet Proof Your Goal when I was browsing her blog. I just added some ideas to my goal setting plan. I also learned something great from Boho Berry, especially about how to do goal setting for bullet journal

So Day #1 was a good start!

#2: Write down 2017 goals

I have set December to be my planning & organizing month. It's already 11 December, so it's really time to get down to the plan.

I am going to write down my 2017 goals. According to what I have learned, these are what I should take note:
- It's advisable to be 7 - 10 goals for the year.
- must be specific, measurable and deadline assigned. e.g. Read 10 books by 31 December 2017
- List the reasons for having each of those goals
- Choose top 2-3 goals from the list

That's what I am going to do today!

Do you have anything you must do today?

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Free eCourse: To celebrate simple, slow and savory December

eCourse name: Simple, Slow and Savory December
Host: Lisa from Celebrate the Rhythm of Life
Cost: Free if register by 10 December 2016, $35 afterwards
Duration: 31 days

I like what Lisa said, the greatest gift we can give ourselves, our children and our families is to be present in the moment. This is what I am always trying to work on. I am planning to make it happen in year 2017. I am glad I have found this free online retreat, besides learning how to plan for my 2017, I am happy to learn how to be present too.

If you are interested in joining, sign up here quick: Simple, Slow and Savory December

Join Lisa's new Facebook page too: Set a Pretty Table

Sorry for sharing this information so late, as I just discovered it.

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Image source: Celebrate The Rhythm of Life

#1: I want to review notes for planning for 2017

I commit to take the 21 Day End Paralysis Challenge by Mayi Carles.

Today is the first day. Though there are a few things I would like to do today, I pick one that I really want to do, and I will do it, no matter how. As I am 24/7 on call (taking care of a baby and two young children),  I can't promise I can do all I want to do for the day, so I am picking the one I really want to get it done.

#1: I want to review notes for planning for 2017

Yesterday, I have attended 2 webinars/video courses for planning for 2017 (Crushing It Mini-Course and 7 Steps for taking control of 2017). Today I am going to review and write down the notes, and start planning for 2017. Though I have some ideas in my mind and written down too, it's still good for me to review the notes I wrote and organize them well.

That's my to do today!

Do you have anything you must do today?

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昨天,我看了两个webinars & video courses, 关于2017年的规划。我觉得都很好,所以打算今天要重新整理昨天所记录的笔记,然后开始计划我的2017。



Great webinars for making 2017 a great year!

A new year is coming very soon, and I am in the mood of planning for 2017.

I finally got to watch the 4-day videos from Crushing It Mini-Course (from Living Well Spending Less), and also just attended the webinar  7 Steps for taking control of 2017 by Michael Hyatt. 

These two video courses/webinar about planning for 2017 are just great! I am really motivated and learn how to start planning for my new year too. Before watching these, I know I am going to make it different in 2017, as it's really time to start our official home school year, and I have some concrete ideas in my mind which I would really want to carry out. My baby is growing up (he is 6 months old now), so I suppose I will have more time to do some work, instead of carrying him all the time. 

If you would like to make your 2017 a great year, perhaps you can check these out (both are free):

Have you started planning for 2017? Are you ready for the new year?

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