#2:Write down 2017 goals

I commit to take the 21 Day End Paralysis Challenge by Mayi Carles.

Review of previous day:

I reviewed and even rewrote the notes I attended the two webinars:

Besides these two, I also found another goal setting guide from Mayi Carles - Bullet Proof Your Goal when I was browsing her blog. I just added some ideas to my goal setting plan. I also learned something great from Boho Berry, especially about how to do goal setting for bullet journal

So Day #1 was a good start!

#2: Write down 2017 goals

I have set December to be my planning & organizing month. It's already 11 December, so it's really time to get down to the plan.

I am going to write down my 2017 goals. According to what I have learned, these are what I should take note:
- It's advisable to be 7 - 10 goals for the year.
- must be specific, measurable and deadline assigned. e.g. Read 10 books by 31 December 2017
- List the reasons for having each of those goals
- Choose top 2-3 goals from the list

That's what I am going to do today!

Do you have anything you must do today?

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Free eCourse: To celebrate simple, slow and savory December

eCourse name: Simple, Slow and Savory December
Host: Lisa from Celebrate the Rhythm of Life
Cost: Free if register by 10 December 2016, $35 afterwards
Duration: 31 days

I like what Lisa said, the greatest gift we can give ourselves, our children and our families is to be present in the moment. This is what I am always trying to work on. I am planning to make it happen in year 2017. I am glad I have found this free online retreat, besides learning how to plan for my 2017, I am happy to learn how to be present too.

If you are interested in joining, sign up here quick: Simple, Slow and Savory December

Join Lisa's new Facebook page too: Set a Pretty Table

Sorry for sharing this information so late, as I just discovered it.

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#1: I want to review notes for planning for 2017

I commit to take the 21 Day End Paralysis Challenge by Mayi Carles.

Today is the first day. Though there are a few things I would like to do today, I pick one that I really want to do, and I will do it, no matter how. As I am 24/7 on call (taking care of a baby and two young children),  I can't promise I can do all I want to do for the day, so I am picking the one I really want to get it done.

#1: I want to review notes for planning for 2017

Yesterday, I have attended 2 webinars/video courses for planning for 2017 (Crushing It Mini-Course and 7 Steps for taking control of 2017). Today I am going to review and write down the notes, and start planning for 2017. Though I have some ideas in my mind and written down too, it's still good for me to review the notes I wrote and organize them well.

That's my to do today!

Do you have anything you must do today?

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昨天,我看了两个webinars & video courses, 关于2017年的规划。我觉得都很好,所以打算今天要重新整理昨天所记录的笔记,然后开始计划我的2017。



Great webinars for making 2017 a great year!

A new year is coming very soon, and I am in the mood of planning for 2017.

I finally got to watch the 4-day videos from Crushing It Mini-Course (from Living Well Spending Less), and also just attended the webinar  7 Steps for taking control of 2017 by Michael Hyatt. 

These two video courses/webinar about planning for 2017 are just great! I am really motivated and learn how to start planning for my new year too. Before watching these, I know I am going to make it different in 2017, as it's really time to start our official home school year, and I have some concrete ideas in my mind which I would really want to carry out. My baby is growing up (he is 6 months old now), so I suppose I will have more time to do some work, instead of carrying him all the time. 

If you would like to make your 2017 a great year, perhaps you can check these out (both are free):

Have you started planning for 2017? Are you ready for the new year?

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I commit to the 21 Day End Paralysis Challenge

I just found this from Mayi Carle's blog, and I know this is another challenge I would really want to do and here I am sharing with everyone.

This challenge is to overcoming stuck and beating laziness. I guess I am both Miss Lazy and Mr Stuck, as I am always overwhelmed with lots of stuffs (in my head or in actual life), but sometimes I am just too lazy or tired to do them.

I like the #1 Rule stated by Mayi: Do what I say I'm going to do.
Yes, we should be responsible in our own words. There were endless times I thought I want to do something, but I didn't do. There were endless plan I thought I want to carry out, but I didn't follow through too.

Since 2017 is approaching, and I am going to make a change and take control of the new year, I commit to overcome stuck and beat laziness too. Moreover, it's 21 days to the new year, so it's a good time for me to Start Now!

For the next 21 days, I commit to:

1) Do what I say I'm going to do, when I say I'm going to do it!
2) Ban whining + complaining + crippling scripts from vocabulary (I'll say and think only positive words)
3) Talk about the challenge - That's why I am sharing it here.

Check out Mayi's video on this challenge and download the printable here: Show Miss Lazy + Mr. Stuck Who's the Boss

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刚刚在浏览Mayi Carle的部落格时,发现了这个挑战 - 战胜懒散的挑战。

这好像还蛮适合我的。虽然我有时候好像很多事情做,可是有时却也很懒散。而且,即使有很多事情想做,但却没有真正去实行。听了Mayi提到这个挑战的三大规则,我觉得这是我需要遵守的 - 尤其是对自己的话负责任。


看看Mayi关于这个挑战的可爱录影:Show Miss Lazy + Mr. Stuck Who's the Boss

Keeping files in Evernote

I have not been really "online" for a few days, as I was busy uploading my files to Evernote.

I was given one month premium membership for free, so I thought I would take this opportunity to upload the resources I have found for homeschooling and others to Evernote, so it's easier for me to plan for the lessons or any activities for my kids, and handwork too. I didn't really do so until the last few days. That's why I was busy organizing the files and uploading them to Evernote these few days.

I think Evernote is really a good tool for us to organize our files and make planning. It is much easier to search for the files located in Evernote, moreover I can write a message or small note for each file in the Evernote. I haven't do these yet, as I have just finished uploading the files to Evernote. I am going to organize them next.

I have been trying different tools, but still find Evernote is better, though for free members, there are only 60MB monthly upload quota which isn't really enough for me.

Are you using Evernote too? Or what other tool are you using?

If you are interested in signing up Evernote, you may use this link: Sign up
(Both you and I will get 1 month of premium membership for signing up with this link. Thanks!)

You might be interested in this post too: 

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Free interview series: Shift It! 15 Minute Miracles Tips from the Masters

Host: Kate Crow
Date: from 1 December 2016
Cost: FREE

This is a free interview series organized by Kate Crow. With these short interviews, we might be learning how we can be happier and powerful in our life. 

As it's only 15 minutes, so I think it's worth to spend this little time every day to listen to interview and we might get inspired and learn something great. The event actually started in 1 December 2016, but we can still sign up the event as there will still be a one-week replay period on 30 December. 

If you are interested in the event, sign up here: Shift It! 

这个访谈系列是由Kate Crow主持的。每个访谈只是短短的15分钟。访谈者会谈到让他们改变一生的事情,可能会让我们从中得到启发或学习。


有兴趣的话,可以去这里看看:Shift It! 

Image source: Shift It! 

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