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I have not been really "online" for a few days, as I was busy uploading my files to Evernote.

I was given one month premium membership for free, so I thought I would take this opportunity to upload the resources I have found for homeschooling and others to Evernote, so it's easier for me to plan for the lessons or any activities for my kids, and handwork too. I didn't really do so until the last few days. That's why I was busy organizing the files and uploading them to Evernote these few days.

I think Evernote is really a good tool for us to organize our files and make planning. It is much easier to search for the files located in Evernote, moreover I can write a message or small note for each file in the Evernote. I haven't do these yet, as I have just finished uploading the files to Evernote. I am going to organize them next.

I have been trying different tools, but still find Evernote is better, though for free members, there are only 60MB monthly upload quota which isn't really enough for me.

Are you using Evernote too? Or what other tool are you using?

If you are interested in signing up Evernote, you may use this link: Sign up
(Both you and I will get 1 month of premium membership for signing up with this link. Thanks!)

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