#1: I want to review notes for planning for 2017

I commit to take the 21 Day End Paralysis Challenge by Mayi Carles.

Today is the first day. Though there are a few things I would like to do today, I pick one that I really want to do, and I will do it, no matter how. As I am 24/7 on call (taking care of a baby and two young children),  I can't promise I can do all I want to do for the day, so I am picking the one I really want to get it done.

#1: I want to review notes for planning for 2017

Yesterday, I have attended 2 webinars/video courses for planning for 2017 (Crushing It Mini-Course and 7 Steps for taking control of 2017). Today I am going to review and write down the notes, and start planning for 2017. Though I have some ideas in my mind and written down too, it's still good for me to review the notes I wrote and organize them well.

That's my to do today!

Do you have anything you must do today?

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昨天,我看了两个webinars & video courses, 关于2017年的规划。我觉得都很好,所以打算今天要重新整理昨天所记录的笔记,然后开始计划我的2017。




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