#2:Write down 2017 goals

I commit to take the 21 Day End Paralysis Challenge by Mayi Carles.

Review of previous day:

I reviewed and even rewrote the notes I attended the two webinars:

Besides these two, I also found another goal setting guide from Mayi Carles - Bullet Proof Your Goal when I was browsing her blog. I just added some ideas to my goal setting plan. I also learned something great from Boho Berry, especially about how to do goal setting for bullet journal

So Day #1 was a good start!

#2: Write down 2017 goals

I have set December to be my planning & organizing month. It's already 11 December, so it's really time to get down to the plan.

I am going to write down my 2017 goals. According to what I have learned, these are what I should take note:
- It's advisable to be 7 - 10 goals for the year.
- must be specific, measurable and deadline assigned. e.g. Read 10 books by 31 December 2017
- List the reasons for having each of those goals
- Choose top 2-3 goals from the list

That's what I am going to do today!

Do you have anything you must do today?

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