video series: Living with Less - decluttering

刚才看到这个网站 - Nourishing Minimalism, 觉得还蛮不错的。


看了第一个video - 4 key techniques for successful decluttering

1. Decide (This is the year I am going to be different)
2. Choose a time to work (Don't give yourself excuse of being too busy)
3. Give yourself permission to dream
4. What is at stake? (Think about what it will like if your house is clean)

我也的确花了很多时间在de-clutter & organize,可是家里还是很乱。需要做一些改变吧,观念上的改变。。。

看了第二个video - 5 ways of thinking that will make decluttering easier.

1. Believe you can do it
2. Allow the past to be in the past
3. Set the right goals
4. Focus on your motivation
5. Start!
** 15 - 30 minutes every day




1. practice of goal setting
2. visualize the result - how everything is if it's a decluttered home
3. Build routine into your life - e.g. consistently spend 10 minutes in the morning to declutter
Keep the routine simple when started

My statement:
(1) I am going to spend 10 minutes daily in the morning to declutter an area or part of an area by plan
(2) I am going to spend at least 1 hour to declutter my home daily, until the home is decluttered.
(3) I am going to set this year as my decluttering challenge year. By the end of December 2015, I will have a clutter-free home.

第四个video是介绍她的decluttering course。那应该是蛮不错的吧,USD$97。不过现在的我没想要花钱。所以还是找一些免费的学习。:)

有兴趣的可以去这里看看:Living with Less 2015 Video Series


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