HunterYoga: Mindful Mama Immersion Week: DAY 5 Notes

Day 5: Living what you want your kids to learn

第五天的访问对象是Cathy Adams.

* Kids think most things are funny. It's good that we use humors a lot.
* We can't control our children, we have to teach them have the sense of self-control
* Imagine 15 years from now, you are having lunch or tea with your child, what kind of relationship are you looking for?
* Children learn by watching us live, not by what we lecture them
* Punishment doesn't make children learn
* Effective time out = sit down together to calm down the kid, then discuss it
* The kid is having a hard time, so we need to understand and look into it, not pushing him
* He just wants to be heard, seen and validated.
* Life is circle of happiness, sadness, joy, we learn to manage, process, deal with them instead of avoiding them.
* When we practice in calm times, we can respond better when it's in critical times.
* Meditation = stillness / quiet time - sit down quietly and acknowledge our thoughts
* Have daily practice

有空可以去Carla的网站看看 - Zen Parenting Radio

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