{Find of the Day} 2016-10-09

I always like to surf the Internet since I started to have Internet access about 20 years ago. I enjoy finding and learning something new here and there. Lately, I saw a theme "Find of the Week" from a blog, I think it is a good idea to write a similar theme on my own blog. I do not think I will do the "Find of the Week", as writing a post for the findings of the day sounds easier for me, though I may not be finding anything interesting to share on that day.


Free Gift: "Sunday Prep"

Ali Katz from Hot Mess to Mindful Mom suggested to do a "Sunday Sweep", so we will have a clean home on Monday morning to start our new week.

You can download the free gift here: Sunday Prep or support me by reading my post at TinyCent here:

Free Challenge: Recapture Time

Date: Start from 11 October 2016 (Tuesday) - 6 days
Host: Beryl Ayn Young

Beryl is having this free challenge for moms to learn how to juggle their full schedule, with these 3 pillars: Consciousness, Calendars and Commitment.

You can sign up the challenge here: Recapture Time or support me by reading my post at TinyCent here:


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