{What went well this week} 2016 October Week 2

I received the newsletter from Songbird & Bear, and the subject of the newsletter is "What went well?" Jen, from Songbird & Bear asked us to think back and identify something that made us happy in this week, and ask ourselves what we did to make that happen.

I agree that these are two good questions to ask ourselves, and it helps us to find out how we actually want our life to be.

I am grateful for many things that happened in this week, especially learning a lot from the Mom Conference and how my elder children being very helpful with taking care of the baby brother and I managed to handle three of them on my own. The biggest happiness I have gained throughout the week was that I have spent some good time with my elder children.

Well, it does not mean I did not spend good time with them normally, it's just that I did not feel I was present with them, as I was thinking about the baby, my work sometimes. I did have the special time Dr Laura Markham mentioned in the Mom Conference and I found that's really effective. That is really a good way to re-build the connection, and the kids love it too. Moreover, I spent more time with the children, including the baby outside, in the front yard and in the park as well (besides our usual evening park time). It makes some difference while only four of us together and when we are outside. I guess it's this outdoor time and special time made the connection and made me feel the presence as well.

As my baby is growing older now (4.5 months old), he does not sleep as much as he used to be and we will have more time together with the two elder children.


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