Revamping my blog 部落格换新

I have not been blogging here for a very long time. Even if I wrote a post here, it might just be from Facebook - On This Day's feature. So, it seems like there's nothing new.

I have been writing online to earn some extra money in these recent years, it does not seem good as the writing sites just come and go, but they usually do not last long. I was tempted to start a new blog after listening to a webinar about growing email subscribers lately. I think it is good to have our own blog. I started to write a post just now, and think this is just a nice place for me to blog. I do not need to look for somewhere else or start a new blog, just stay here, but perhaps revamp a little bit here and there, and write in English too. It is a good practice for me as I can still learn to write in both Chinese and English, so I will not totally forget about these two languages.

I just found a simple template for my blog - from an orange land to a simple white land with some pinkish decoration.

I am going to add English to the labels and tidy up a lot of stuff, especially my DIY or handwork studio. I always like to write about the handwork I made, as it helps me to remember what I have made and from where I got the pattern.

Hope I will be spending more time to take care of this land and make it a lovely dreamland!

Please feel free to drop by and leave a message to me.

My previous blog design

My new blog design





接下来要做的:把标签加上英文,还要整理一下其它的。 然后最想做的就是更新DIY手工坊的资料。很久没贴上自己的手工,也没有记录下来。有时候要找以前做过的手工,有些在这里可以找到,还蛮方便的。




  1. 新的 blog有清新的感觉。fresh!

    1. 谢谢!欢迎有空来坐坐。。。 我尽量把我的园地打扫干净。:)


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