HunterYoga: Mindful Mama Immersion Week: DAY 4 Notes

Day 4: How to share mindfulness with your kids

第四天的访问对象是Carla Naumburg.

* It has to start with us. We need to understand the concept. We need to practice along side with our kids.
* We have to be on board before getting the kids to be on board.
* Start with small

1. Share mindfulness activity with kids when they are at good place (good mood, not upset, and open to ideas)
2. Work with your kid's style and the style of your family
3. If you don't know what else to do, start with breathing

Simple activities to start with kids:

Breathing activity:
1. Move up - inhale, move down - exhale
2. 3 magic breath/deep breath - Breathe in and breathe out
** modeling is important **

Noticing activity:
- Take 2 minutes, and notice 3 things we see. No judgment.
- Notice anything red in the room.
- Notice 2 sounds (Listening meditation)

* Pay attention on what's happening = mindfulness = notice

有空可以去Carla的网站看看 - Carla Naumburg

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