HunterYoga: Mindful Mama Immersion Week: DAY 1

Day 1: Are you making these communication mistakes?

第一天的访问对象是Teach Through Love的Lori Petro.
这也是其中一位我很喜欢关于parenting的导师(Mom Educator).

1. The kids do not listen to me
Advice: Observe/notice - describe what'd happened and what I felt, but not talk at the kid and tell them what they should do.

2. We set the limit and rigidize it, and try to convince them that they need to do that.
Advice: Acknowledging kids' feeling, do not ignore their feeling, and do not try to change their state at the moment.
* say "Yes,..."
* Honor children's idea

How to deal with yelling at kids?
* self care
* put your kids at the safe place, walk away and calm down yourself. This helps to show the kids what to do when they are angry as well.

** Spend at least 15 minutes a day to have connected one-on-one time with the kid. Let the kid do what he wants.


Teach Through Love有很多影片教导我们怎么处理一些常见的问题。我看了一些,觉得蛮不错的。该多去看看,然后好好学习。


** 这是别人的笔记分享 **
1. Observe more before judging
2. Acknowledge their feelings before forcing yours
3. Self care... take a time out teach by example
4. Let them lead through play to show you care



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