HunterYoga: Mindful Mama Immersion Week: DAY 2

Day 2: How do I fit it all in? Time Management for Mamas

第二天的访问对象是Project Me的Kelly Pietrangeli。这一次聊的是时间管理。

To have a todo list that works for you
1) brain dump
- write down, bring down from your brain - if it's in your brain, you are not mindful
2) categorize or organize to project (break down to step-by-step) or just one time off task
3) get rid of those which are not essential or necessary to do
4) prioritize (important and urgent, important but not urgent yet, not important and not urgent, delegate)

* Don't go into your inbox or social media until you get your first thing done
* Identify 3 important tasks for the day
* Forget about being a perfect mama, just being present with your kids and taking care of ourselves.
* Focus on what is the most important

时间管理是我一向以来都很弱的领域,虽然我喜欢计划,整理,组织,但就是不太擅长管理时间。可能是我很随性,想到什么就做什么,很有冲劲的时候就一鼓作气去做,热忱冷却了就搁在一旁,忘了。很多想做的事情,都只是“想做”,不一定是需要做和重要的,但都放在脑里。脑里堆积太多了,心可能也因此而烦躁了。我很喜欢那brain dump的做法,把脑里,心里想做的事情写下来,然后慢慢整理。要清楚知道最重要的事情,那就好。

Kelly P也分享了一些她的Action Sheets,或许会对我们整理那to do list有帮助。

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