Parenting: 3 Crucial Tips for raising happy, resilient and successful children webinar notes

终于听了这个长达一小时的webinar。这是由Great Parenting Show的Jacqueline Green主讲的。


The problem: We have lost our natural power to parent

The connection or line that makes us want to cooperate with and behave like/for another

Attachment = primal, basic force - natural but seriously eroded

1. Order (like the planets)
2. Protects
3. Directs Attention
4. Provides a model
5. Psychological rest

Ways alignment is eroded:
* media and devices
* separation
* starts and stops
* extended family absent
* lack of community
* stress
* too high expectations
* mental health issues
* discipline that divides

Problems fueled by alignment issues:
* anxiety and depression
* disrespectful, disobedient, demanding kids
* maturation - failure to thrive and become responsible
* drugs, alcohol
* cutting
* thrill seeking
* bullying
* suicide/suicidal ideation

1st tip: How to get your child's cooperation?
* Alignment = It's the LINE (a-lign)
** alignment = deep, deep connection **
* We need to make sure the line is there, and it's picked up, before we ask the children to do something - make sure it's connected

Attention: pick up the LINE between you
Look: look at your child AND make eye contact ideally
Interest: connect to what your child is interested in
Grin: go for the grin or smile
Nod: see if you can get agreement so that they nod

2nd tip: How to control your emotions?
** Breathe **
* tell yourself "It's not urgent"
* See the gift - presence

* How alignment helps with your emotions -

3rd tip: How to deal with aggression?
If we are upset, we are like entering a traffic circle (roundabout).
There are 3 choices:
1. Change
2. Accept
3. Explode

* How alignment reduces aggression?

Three keys to change:
1) right information
2) repetition
3) support

这个webinar主要是介绍这个课程 - Alignment Parenting


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